What is Dfinity Blockchain?

Dfinity is a decentralized cloud computing network that uses blockchain technology to create “the internet computer” – a globally distributed, highly secure, and performant system of interconnected nodes. The Dfinity blockchain can run directly on the Dfinity Networking Node (DNN), which acts as the system to allow website owners and developers to host their websites and applications on Dfinity, or can be run directly on Dfinity nodes in users’ residences.

This capability is exciting because it allows for massively decentralized apps (dApps) and software that doesn’t require a centralized server or store data in the cloud using Dfinity’s distributed network. Instead, Dfinity will offer safe, secure hosting with unparalleled speeds compared to other providers – an impressive feat considering how prevalent central servers are today.

Essentially Dfinity becomes one of the most versatile platforms for creating dApps because developers won’t have to worry about setting up their servers. They can use Dfinity’s global node networks instead – Dfinity takes care of it all!

See How It Works:
How Dfinity is a blockchain similar to Ethereum in some ways but outperforms eth in some aspects. Dfinity comparing to Ethereum, has improved performance and unlimited capacity.
Dfinity, which runs on top of Dfinity, will use the blockchain advantages to provide many benefits.

What is an internet computer coin (ICP)

The Internet Computer is 100% open-source and has been live on the Ethereum blockchain since November 2017, with millions of transactions running thousands of decentralized applications (dapps) such as those listed in our dapps page. Internet Computer was released to the public under an Apache2 license and can also be deployed to other chains such as Bitcoin, Rootstock, or NEO. You can also try it out directly via your web browser at www.dfinity.org . As a result we already have many users who will benefit from having all their data moved onto a fully distributed network once we complete our switchover which is scheduled for Q4 2018 (1). In order to similar to any other blockchain technology.

Internet Computer (ICP)
Internet Computer (ICP)

Where To Buy Internet Computer (ICP)

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